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Download Datasheets AY0438 Device

The AY0438 is a CMOS integrated device that drives a liquid crystal display, usually under microprocessor control. The part acts as a smart peripheral that drives up to 32 LCD segments. It needs only three control lines due to its serial input construction. It latches the data to be displayed and relieves the microprocessor from the task of generating the required waveforms. The AY0438 can drive any standard or custom parallel drive LCD display, whether it be field effect or dynamic scattering; 7-, 9-, 14- or 16-segment characters; decimals; leading + or -; or special symbols. Several AY0438 devices can be cascaded. The AC frequency of the LCD waveforms can either be supplied by the user or generated by attaching a capacitor to the LCD input, which controls the frequency of an internal oscillator. The AY0438 is available in 40-lead dual in-line plastic and 44-lead PLCC packages. Unpackaged dice are also available.

Datasheet and Other Documentation

Detailed Content

Lit. Number



AY0438 Datasheet


Download AY0438 Datasheet

Program Memory:


(Bytes), (Words)

In Production

Specification Chart

Data Ram

Speed MHz

I/O Ports

ADC 8-bits

Serial I/O




Brown Out












Additional Features

32 LCD Segment driver, Cascadable, On-Chip Oscillator, 3 Control lines serial input data

Low Voltage Device Option:

Package Options

40 PDIP(P), 44 PLCC(L), 2008-2015 - download datasheets