Download Datasheets TC4469 Device 
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Download Datasheets TC4469 Device

The TC446X family of four-output CMOS buffer/drivers are an expansion from our earlier single- and dual-output drivers. Each driver has been equipped with a two-input logic gate for added flexibility. The TC446X drivers can source up to 250 mA into loads referenced to ground. Heavily loaded clock lines, coaxial cables, and piezoelectric transducers can all be easily driven with the 446X series drivers. The only limitation on loading is that total power dissipation in the IC must be kept within the power dissipation limits of the package. The TC446X series will not latch under any conditions within their power and voltage ratings. They are not subject to damage when up to 5V of noise spiking (either polarity) occurs on the ground line. They can accept up to half an amp of inductive kickback current (either polarity) into their outputs without damage or logic upset. In addition, all terminals are protected against ESD to at least 2000V.

Datasheet and Other Documentation

Detailed Content

Lit. Number



TC4467/68/69 Datasheet


Download TC4467/68/69 Datasheet


In Production

Specification Chart


Peak Output Current (A)

Output Resistance (Ohms)

Maximum Supply Voltage (V)

Input/Output Delay (tD1, tD2) (ns)

Quad, Non-inverting





Additional Features

Wide Operating Range: 4.5V to 18V
Symmetrical Rise and Fall Times: 25nsec
Short, Equal Delay Times: 75nsec
Latchproof! Withstands 500mA Inductive Kickback
3 Input Logic Choices: AND / NAND / AND + Inv
2kV ESD Protection on All Pins

Package Options

14 PDIP(P), 16 SOIC(W)(SW), 2008-2015 - download datasheets