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Download Datasheets TC429 Device

The TC429 is a high-speed,single CMOS-level translator and driver.Designed specifically to drive highly capacitive power MOSFET gates,the TC429 features 2.5 ? output impedance and 6A peak output current drive. A 2500pF capacitive load will be driven 18V in 25nsec. Delay time through the device is 60nsec.The rapid switching times with large capacitive loads minimize MOSFET transition power loss. A TTL/CMOS input logic level is translated into an output voltage swing that equals the supply and will swing to within 25mV of ground or VDD.Input voltage swing may equal the supply.Logic input current is under 10 A,making direct interface to CMOS/bipolar switch-mode power supply controllers easy.Input "speed-up"capacitors are not required. The CMOS design minimizes quiescent power supply current.With a logic 1 input,power supply current is 5mA maximum and decreases to 0.5mA for logic 0 inputs. For dual devices,see the TC426/TC427/TC428 data sheet. For noninverting applications,or applications requiring latch-up protection,see the TC4420/TC4429 data sheet.

Datasheet and Other Documentation

Detailed Content

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TC429 Datasheet


Download TC429 Datasheet


In Production

Specification Chart


Peak Output Current (A)

Output Resistance (Ohms)

Maximum Supply Voltage (V)

Input/Output Delay (tD1, tD2) (ns)

Single, Inverting





Additional Features

High Peak Output Current 6A
Wide Operating Range 7V to 18V
High-Impedance CMOS Logic Input
Logic Input Threshold Independent of Supply Voltage
Low Supply Current
With Logic 1 Input 5mA Max
With Logic 0 Input 0.5mA Max
Output Voltage Swing Within 25mV of Ground or VDD
Short Delay Time 75nsec Max
High Capacitive Load Drive Capability
tRISE,tFALL =35nsec Max With CLOAD =2500pF

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