Download Datasheets TC7126A Device 
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Download Datasheets TC7126A Device

The TC7126A is a 3-1/2 digit CMOS analog-to-digital converter (ADC)containing all the active components necessary to construct a 0.05%resolution measurement system.Seven-segment decoders,digit and polarity drivers, voltage reference,and clock circuit are integrated on-chip. The TC7126A directly drives a liquid crystal display (LCD), and includes a backplane driver. A low-cost,high-resolution indicating meter requires only a display,four resistors,and four capacitors. The TC7126A's extremely low power drain and 9V battery operation make it ideal for portable applications. The TC7126A reduces linearity error to less than 1 count.Roll-over error (the difference in readings for equal magnitude but opposite polarity input signals)is below 1 count.High-impedance differential inputs offer 1 pA leakage current and a 10 12 ? input impedance.The 15 VP-P noise performance guarantees a "rock solid"reading,and the auto-zero cycle guarantees a zero display reading with a 0V input. The TC7126A features a precision, low-drift internal voltage reference an disfunctionally identical to the TC7126. A low-drift external reference is not normally required with the TC7126A.

Datasheet and Other Documentation


In Production

Specification Chart

Display Type

Supply Voltage (V)

Resolution (Digits)

Resolution (Counts)

Power (mW)



3 1/2



Additional Features

Low Temperature Drift Internal Reference
TC7126 80 ppm/C Typ.
TC7126A 35 ppm/C Typ.
Guaranteed Zero Reading With Zero Input
Low Noise: 15VP-P
High Resolution: 0.05%
Low Input Leakage Current: 1pA Typ. 10pA Max
Precision Null Detectors With True Polarity at Zero
High-Impedance Differential Input
Convenient 9V Battery Operation With Low Power
Dissipation: 500 Typ. 900W Max

Package Options

40 PDIP(P), 44 PLCC(L), 44 PQFP(QF), 40 CERDIP(JW), 2008-2015 - download datasheets