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Download Datasheets TC815 Device

The TC811 is a low power, 3-1/2 digit, LCD display analog-to-digital converter. This device incorporates both a display hold feature and differential reference inputs. A crystal oscillator, which only requires two pins, permits added features while retaining a 40-pin package. An additional feature is an "Integrator Output Zero" phase which guarantees rapid input overrange recovery. The TC811 display hold (HLDR) function can be used to "freeze" the LCD display. The displayed reading will remain indefinitely as long as HLDR is held high. Conversions continue but the output data display latches are not updated. The TC811 also includes a differential reference for easy ratiometric measurements. Circuits which use the 7106/26/36 can easily be upgraded to include the hold function with the TC811. The TC811 has an improved internal zener reference voltage circuit which maintains the Analog Common temperature drift to 35ppm/C (typical) and 75ppm/C (maxi-mum). This represents an improvement of two to four times over similar 3-1/2 digit converters, eliminating the need for a costly, space consuming external reference source. The TC811 limits linearity error to less than one count on both the 200mV and the 2.00V full-scale ranges. Rollover error--the difference in readings for equal magnitude but opposite polarity input signals--is below 1 count. High impedance differential inputs offer 1pA leakage currents and a 10 12 ? input impedance. The 15Vp-p noise performance guarantees a "rock solid" reading. The Auto Zero cycle guarantees a zero display readout for a zero volt input. The single chip CMOS TC811 incorporates all the active devices for a 3-1/2 digit analog to digital converter to directly drive an LCD display. On-board oscillator, precision voltage reference and display segment and backplane drivers simplify system integration, reduce board space requirements and lower total cost. A low cost, high resolution (0.05%) indicating meter requires only a TC811, an LCD display, five resistors, six capacitors, a crystal, and a 9V battery. Compact, hand held multimeter designs benefit from the Microchip Semiconductor small footprint package option. The TC811 uses a dual slope conversion technique which will reject interference signals if the converters integration time is set to a multiple of the interference signal period. This is especially useful in industrial measurement environments where 50, 60 and 400Hz line frequency signals are present.

Datasheet and Other Documentation

Detailed Content

Lit. Number



TC815 Datasheet


Download TC815 Datasheet


In Production

Specification Chart

Display Type

Supply Voltage (V)

Resolution (Digits)

Resolution (Counts)

Power (mW)



3 1/2



Additional Features

Auto-Range Operation for AC and DC Voltage and Resistance Measurements
Two User Selected AC/DC Current Ranges 20mA and 200mA
22 Operating Ranges
9 DC/AC Voltage
4 AC/DC Current
9 Resistance and Low Power Ohms
Display HOLD Function
3 1/2 Digit Resolution in Auto-Range Mode 1/2000
Extended Resolution in Manual Mode 1/3000
Memory Mode for Relative Measurements 5% F.S.
Internal AC to DC Conversion Op Amp
Triplex LCD Drive for Decimal Points, Digits and Annunciators
Continuity Detection and Piezoelectric Transducer Driver
Compact Surface Mounted 64-pin Plastic Flat Package
Low Drift Internal Reference 75ppm/C
9V Battery Operation 10mW
Low Battery Detection and LCD Annunciator

Package Options

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