Download Datasheets TC826 Device 
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Download Datasheets TC826 Device

In many applications a graphical display is preferred over a digital display. Knowing a process or system operates, for example, within design limits is more valuable than a direct system variable readout. A bar or moving dot display supplies information precisely without requiring further interpretation by the viewer. The TC826 is a complete analog to digital converter with direct liquid crystal (LCD)display drive. The 40 LCD data segments plus zero driver give a 2.5% resolution bar display. Full scale differential input voltage range extends from 20mV to 2V. The TC826 sensitivity is 500 v.A low drift 35 ppm/?XC internal reference, LCD backplane oscillator and driver, input polarity LCD driver, and overrange LCD driver make designs simple and low cost.The CMOS design required only 125 A from a 9V battery.In +5V systems a TC7660 DC to DC converter can supply the ?V supply. The differential analog input leakage is a low 10pA. Two display formats are possible. The BAR mode display is like a thermometer ?scale..The LCD segment driver that equals the input plus all below it are on. The DOT mode activates only the segment equal to the input.In either mode the polarity signal is active for negative input signals. An overrange input signal causes the display to flash and activates the overrange annunciator. A hold mode can be selected that freezes the display and prevents updating. The dual slope integrating conversion method with auto zero phase maximizes noise immunity and eliminates zero scale adjustment potentiometers.Zero scale drift is a low 5 V/?XC.Conversion rate is typically 5 per second and is adjustable by a single external resistor. A compact, 0.5" square,flat package minimizes PC board area. The high pin count LSI package makes multiplexed LCD displays unnecessary. Low cost, direct drive LCD displays offer the widest viewing angle and are readily available. A standard display is available now for TC826 prototyping work.

Datasheet and Other Documentation

Detailed Content

Lit. Number



TC826 Datasheet


Download TC826 Datasheet


In Production

Specification Chart

Display Type

Supply Voltage (V)

Resolution (Digits)

Resolution (Counts)

Power (mW)



2.5% Bar



Additional Features

Bipolar A/D Conversion
2.5% Resolution
Direct LCD Display Drive
Thermometer Bar or Dot Display
40 Data Segments Plus Zero
Overrange Plus Polarity Indication
Precision OnChip Reference 35ppm/C
Differential Analog Input
Low Input Leakage 10pA
Display Flashes on Overrange
Display Hold Mode
AutoZero Cycle Eliminates Zero Adjust Potentiometer
9V Battery Operation
Low Power Consumption 1.1mW
20mV to 2.0 V FullScale Operation
NonMultiplexed LCD Drive for Maximum Viewing Angle

Package Options

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