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Download Datasheets MCRF250 Device

The MCRF250 is one time contactlessly programmable passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) IC device with advanced anti-collision features. The device is powered by an external RF transmitter (reader) through inductive coupling. The MCRF250 is equipped with an anti-collision feature that allows multiple tags in the same field to be read simultaneously. This revolutionary approach eliminates the issue of data corruption due to simultaneous transmissions from multiple tags. After programming, the device transmits the contents of its memory array by damping (modulating) the incoming RF signal. Code length, modulation option, encoding option, and bit rates are set at the factory to fit the needs of particular applications. The user memory array of the MCRF250 can be programmed contactlessly after encapsulation. This allows the user to keep encapsulated blank tags in stock for on-demand personalization. The tags can then be programmed with data as they are needed. The MCRF250 devices are available in die form or packaged in PDIP, SOIC, and COB modules. The encoding, modulation, frequency, and bit rate options are specified by the customer and programmed by Microchip prior to shipment. Array programming and serialization (SQTP) can also be arranged upon request.

Datasheet and Other Documentation

Detailed Content

Lit. Number



MCRF250 Datasheet


Download MCRF250 Datasheet

Program Memory


128 bits

In Production

Specification Chart

Carrier Freq

Contactless Prog

Anti Collision


100-400 kHz




Additional Features

ASK, PSK, FSK modulation

Package Options

Bumped Die(SB), Bumped Wafer on Frame(WFB), Bumped Wafer(WB), PDIP(P), Die(S), Wafer-Frame(WF), Die-Wafer(W), 330pF COB(3C), 1000pF COB(1C), 2008-2015 - download datasheets