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Download Datasheets MCRF360 Device

The MCRF360 is a uniquely designed read-only passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) IC device with advanced anticollision features operating at 13.56 MHz. The device is powered remotely by rectifying RF magnetic fields that are transmitted from an interrogator (reader). The MCRF360 is a high performance medium-frequency device, designed for long read range, high speed, and low-cost anticollision (multiple-read/anticlash) environments. Drawing only 7uA active and 10nA in sleep mode, this device enables true barcode supplement or barcode replacement, item-level tagging applications. Wide aisles, high-speed conveyors, walk-through EAS, multiple stacked items are no problem. Developed for 13.56MHz applications, this device is asynchronous to the carrier and may be used with any carrier frequency from 140KHz to 24MHz. The MCRF360 also features an on-chip 100 pF resonance capacitor. The device has a total of 154 bits of contact reprogrammable memory. All bits are reprogrammable by a contact programmer. A contact programmer (part number PG103003) is available from Microchip Technology Inc. Factory programming prior to shipment, known as Serialized Quick Turn ProgrammingSM (SQTPSM), is also available. The device is available in die form or packaged in SOIC or PDIP.

Datasheet and Other Documentation

Detailed Content

Lit. Number



MCRF360 Datasheet


Download MCRF360 Datasheet

Program Memory


154 bits

In Production

Specification Chart

Carrier Freq

Contactless Prog

Anti Collision


13.56 MHz



Read / Write

Additional Features

70kHz data rate, 154 bits, 100 pF internal resonsance capacitor

Package Options

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