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Download Datasheets rfPIC12C509AF Device

The rfPIC12C509AF packs Microchip's powerful PICmicro microcontroller architecture into an 18-pin package combined with a 310MHz - 480MHz FSK and ASK transmitter. This powerful yet easy-to-program (only 33 single word instructions) CMOS microcontroller contains 1024x12 words of program memory and 41 bytes of user RAM and 4MHz maximum speed. This device includes 2 digital timers (8-bit TMR0 and a Watchdog timer), Power-On-Reset, and Programmable Code Protection. The rfPIC12C509AF has 6 I/O pins with 25mA source/sink per I/O, and is capable of In-Circuit Serial Programming. This device is well suited for low power remote sensing and control applications. The rfPIC12C509AF is available in the following packages: 18 CERDIP(JW) and 18 SOIC (SO).

Datasheet and Other Documentation

Detailed Content

Lit. Number



rfPIC12C509AF Datasheet


Download rfPIC12C509AF Datasheet


rfPIC12C509AF Microcontrollers with RF Transmitter


Download rfPIC12C509AF Microcontrollers with RF Transmitter

Program Memory


1536 (Bytes), 1024 (Words)

In Production

Specification Chart

Data Ram

Speed MHz

I/O Ports

ADC 8-bits

Serial I/O




Brown Out









1+ WDT



Additional Features

Internal Oscillator, 25mA source/sink per I/O

Low Voltage Device Option:

Package Options

20 CERDIP(JW), 20 SSOP(SS), 2008-2015 - download datasheets