Linear Regulators, Download Datasheets 
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Linear Regulators, Download Datasheets

Microchip's large portfolio of Low Dropout Regulators (LDOs) offers excellent dynamic performance with a wide output current range. The devices are fully specified from 2.7V to 6.0V (some up to 10V) over the -40?C to +125?C temperature range. Features offered on various devices include ERROR output for low battery indication or processor reset, Select Mode operation for maximum output voltage flexibility, Shutdown Mode for reduced power consumption and bypass input for minimum output noise. In addition, Microchip offers a variety of power management combo devices that combine supervisory and regulator functions on the IC, therefore saving space and cost.

TC55 Device

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TC1055 Device

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TC1174 Device

TC1185 Device

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TC1223 Device

TC1224 Device

TC1262 Device

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TC1300 Device

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TC2055 Device

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