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Power MOSFET Drivers, Download Datasheets

Microchip offers a large portfolio of MOSFET drivers, capable of up to 9A peak output current. These devices provide reliable, easy-to-use and efficient solutions for driving the largest MOSFETs and IGBTs in the most demanding applications. The devices are fully operational, with supply voltage levels as high as 30V, and are offered in a variety of temperature ranges. They are ideal for every application utilizing large MOSFETs or IGBTs, such as switch mode power supplies, motor controls, class-D switching amplifiers, automatic test equipment, automotive systems, and pulse transformer drivers. Other applications may include piezoelectric transducers, coaxial cables, CCD drivers, relays, and solenoids.

TC4626 Device

TC4627 Device

TC4432 Device

TC4467 Device

TC4468 Device

TC4469 Device

TC426 Device

TC427 Device

TC428 Device

TC429 Device

TC1410 Device

TC1410N Device

TC1411 Device

TC1411N Device

TC1412 Device

TC1412N Device

TC1413 Device

TC1413N Device

TC1426 Device

TC1427 Device

TC1428 Device

TC4403 Device

TC4404 Device

TC4405 Device

TC4420 Device

TC4421 Device

TC4422 Device

TC4423 Device

TC4424 Device

TC4425 Device

TC4426 Device

TC4426A Device

TC4427 Device

TC4427A Device

TC4428 Device

TC4428A Device

TC4429 Device

TC4431 Device

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