CAN Communication Devices, Download Datasheets 
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CAN Communication Devices, Download Datasheets

MCP25XX Stand-alone CAN Controller
The MCP2510 Stand-alone CAN controller is the smallest, easiest-to-use, most cost-effective stand-alone controller on the market today. With on-board features like multi-layer buffering, masking and filtering capability, multi-purpose I/O pins, and interrupt capability, the MCP2510 is designed to handle all CAN communication requirements and decrease microcontroller intervention. It utilizes a simple, industry-standard SPI serial interface to communicate with the microcontroller. This simple interface enables CAN support to be added to non CAN-based systems simply by adding the MCP2510 and implementing minimal software upgrades.
MCP250XX CAN Input/Output (I/O) ExpandersThis family of products features a CAN port to connect to an CAN network, and input/output functionality that can be manipulated over the BUS without a microcontroller in the system.

MCP2510 Device

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