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Power Management, Download Datasheets

  Linear Regulators
  This line of CMOS LDOs is superior to a variety of popular bipolar regulators, delivering superior performance at lower supply current levels.
  Switching Regulators
  This family contains a variety of PFM/PWM step-down and step-up DC/DC controllers and regulators.
  Charge Pump DC-to-DC Converters
  These devices are ideal for any low current, voltage inversion or doubling application.
  PWM Controllers
  CMOS PWMs are lower power replacements for industry standard converters.
  CPU/System Supervisors
  Microchip offers a complete family of system supervisor products
  Voltage Detectors
  These devices are especially suited for battery powered systems because of their extremely low operating current.
  Power MOSFET Drivers
  From 0.5A to 9A many options of high-speed MOSFET drivers to best match your needs in switching performance of the drivers/MOSFET to the application.
  Voltage References
  This line includes low power, high precision and low dropout precision voltage references for a variety of applications.
  Battery Management
  Microchip's battery charger family is the ideal choice for a wide variety of single Li-Ion cell powered equipment. The MCP7382x products offer simple, low part-count solutions with a wide variety of value-added features.

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